We provide quality translation services for a reasonable price (native check included).

The translations are done by a team of two, both bilinguals of Japanese and English. We work together to make sure that every single nuance is conveyed as accurately as possible. Neither of us have offices, so has low overheads, meaning that the pricing is very reasonable for the quality of work you will receive.

Team Profile


Grew up in Derby, United Kingdom. Graduated from the University of Leeds. Currently based in Halmstad, Sweden. Holder of Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1(highest test level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test officially recognized for non-native speakers). She has lived in Fukuoka as an exchange student at Fukuoka University and has traveled and worked across Japan and the rest of the world. Originally attracted to Japan by its rock and punk scene, Carley still travels to Japan regularly for music festivals and enjoys Japanese cooking at home. She has six years of freelance translation of recipes, news articles, manuals, game content, lyrics, advertising, business reports, etc., from clients including Amazon, Google, Netflix (via SDL), Cookpad, Japan Grace (Peace Boat) and Japan Center.


Grew up in the Bay Area in California. Ryu is bilingual and has traveled the world extensively. After working as a personal assistant for a private banker at UBS Singapore, Ryu accumulated experience in writing, translating and interpreting. He is fascinated with playing with the art of language in both English and Japanese, focusing on how he can best convey the real meaning behind texts. Ryu is also the founder and director of the Helping Dragon website and his hobbies include wine and cooking. He is currently into snowboarding and mountain climbing and working on a camping project.

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