December 20, 2020
Snow forecast of Hokkaido/Nagano from Dec-January 20-21!

The Japan Meteorological Agency has announced that the next month will be having more snowfall from the latter half of December 2020-mid January 2021.

Today we will be giving an update on how the snow for the next month would look like!

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December 5, 2020
Which ski resort in Japan is the best to go for an early ride for 2020-2021? Our recommendation!

The ski resorts are starting to open in Japan!

Today we gathered up a list of the latest opening information of 6 major ski resorts from Japan, and wrote about our first powder ride of the season of 2020-2021 at Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort.

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November 28, 2020
How to enjoy Japan in November: Nagano

November in Japan straddles the line between fall and winter. Snow is already falling in the northern and mountain regions and the true winter cold is finally starting to bite. Some earlier ski resorts also open up around this time, so if you’re lucky, you may even be able to get some winter sports in. Out of all the best places to visit in Japan during Nobember, we picked up Nagano and its natural wonders and activities it offers, the wineries and the breweries you should know from the region.

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November 21, 2020
The 4 Best Coffee Shops you should know from Sapporo

As a local business based in Otaru, we have been looking out for the best coffee shops in Hokkaido. Today we will be sharing 4 coffee shops that you should know and make a visit when you are in Sapporo!

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November 15, 2020
The 10 best powder ski resorts you should know from Japan 2020-2021

The snow season is just around the corner, and we have been planning on which resorts to enjoy this season.

COVID and weather condition updates are still to be considered, but we organized the information from what we know as it may help you plan your trip as well.

Today we will be sharing the 3 ski areas you should know: Hokkaido, Nagano, and Niigata, and the 10 ski resorts you should consider going to for your Japow experience. Here goes!

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November 7, 2020
The snow forecast for Hokkaido/Nagano! 20-21 will be better than last season!

The Japan Meteorological Agency has announced that there might be less snowfall with warmer temperatures than usual in Hokkaido while Nigata and Nagano might have more snowfall and cooler temperatures this coming 2020-2021 winter season.

Here is a brief summary of what it was said in the snow forecast!

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October 31, 2020
Will we be able to enter Japan this winter? The Latest updates by the Japanese government.

Powder snow season is almost here in Japan!

Today, we shared what we know about the current status of COVID-19 cases and the latest updates of the restrictions to entering Japan.

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October 24, 2020
When is the best season to travel Hokkaido?

This week we've had a question for advice on when is the best period to visit Hokkaido, so here are our answers!!

We've talked about how the weather and temperatures look like, our favorite months to be in Hokkaido, and why we think Hokkaido is getting so popular!

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October 17, 2020
How to enjoy Japan in October : Shimane

October, fall in Japan is an exciting month for Japanese people and referred to by lots of names, including the “season of food,” “the season of sport,” and “the season of art.”

This time around, we want to share with you the author's home prefecture, Shimane and what you can expect in the province!

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October 10, 2020
Car trip in Autumn to East Hokkaido: Our favorite destinations

The autumn season is here!

The autumn is a beautiful season where you can enjoy sunnier days, better food, and colored leaves.

Today we will be sharing our favorite go to spots in autumn in East Hokkaido.

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