December 20, 2020

Snow forecast of Hokkaido/Nagano from Dec-January 20-21!

Image from WeatherNews

The Japan Meteorological Agency has announced that the next month will be having more snowfall from the latter half of December 2020-mid January 2021.

We are already having record snowfall, more than 100cm per day in parts that had the most snow.

Today we will be giving an update on how the snow for the next month would look like!

More snowfall than usual expected for the next month

We have done a post a month ago regarding the snow forecast for this snow season, which you can have a read here.

Here are some highlights from the Meterological Agency

It was expected that the La Nina will help the snowfall along the Japan Sea especially in the Hokuriku region, but it was expected that Hokkaido will be having moderate or less snow than usual.

This turned out to be wrong and we've had very good snowfall from November.

The updated snow information had a drastic change in which it predicts that we will be having moderate to more snow than usual in most snowy regions.

Image from WeatherNews

The temperature will stay moderate to lower than usual, in which you can see that all of Japan will be experiencing a cooler winter.

Okinawa is the only province that might be warmer than usual!

Yuzawa Nigata: 113cm in 24 hours

Yuzawa experienced the most snowfall recorded on the 16th December 2020.

This was mainly due to snowy wind blowing towards the town for a stable period of time.

The surrounding mountains concentrated the wind to blow more snow than usual.

The news is in Japanese, but you can find out how the town looked like in this video.

1日で積雪1m超 湯沢町で観測史上最大 除雪追いつかず…【新潟】 by Nigata News

Trip to Niseko

This was at the car parking in Hotel Niseko Alpen, just next to the Ace Quad Lift Center Four Lift of Grand Hirafu.

The snow is so light from top to bottom, the powder surfing was awesome.

I experienced a major stuck all the way to my waist towards the bottom of the course trying to take a shortcut...

and ended up using about a quarter of my stamina basically crawling and paddling with my board for 30 minutes.

The snow is so light and hasn't formed a compressed base yet, so sometimes you will trip on bushes and bumps and get buried.

But overall, it was an awesome ride!

The snow roof made these facility boxes in the town look like many buildings look like

First cold wave to weaken from 21st Dec

The forecast was telling that the first cold wave of the year will weaken by the 20th Dec.

However, the snowfall and cool temperature will still continue, so a good snow season is expected this year!

It's a pity that the COVID doesn't let most inbound guests to come into Japan this year, but hope the situation improves with the vaccines coming up.

Helping Dragon will be making updates every month of snow forecasts in winter seasons, so we hope you follow us for good information going forward!

Have a healthy and Happy Christmas Holiday Season everyone!

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