We hope we get to help your visit to Japan in 2020!

First of all Happy New Year from Helping Dragon!(HD)

We truly wish that your year will be a memorable one!

Many people in the world will probably come up with a New Year’s resolution at the start of the year, and it goes the same for Japanese people.

So here it goes!

HD Team wishes you a fabulous 2020!

Our goal of 2020:To help as many visitors as possible!

Goal of 2020: To help as many visitors from overseas as possible!

If we could help 100 visitors to better enjoy Japan than having our help, I will be already happy.

But you never know what an online media can do!

So let’s see what our results are at the end of the year.

Book a call with us

Our main solution will be providing you a reserved call service for 15 minutes for us to answer any inquiries you may have.

This service is run by locals in Japan that are all scattered across Japan.

The HD team is in the 20’s-30’s and love to travel so we have been in multiple cities in the world.

Thus we have a good understanding of what is unique in the country.

Help us teach us what your needs are

We want to encourage you to help us by booking a call with us

This will better teach us what everyone’s needs are and where the demand lies when traveling Japan.

As you might have noticed already, we already have been updating articles that might be good information for you to have.

But we cannot be sure if we are providing the best possible helpful information as they are something we “just think” it might be.

We think we could provide you the best solutions by welcoming inquiries from you and answering them.

Your Q&A will help future readers

The Q&A will be edited to posts on the website to help new readers to quickly access the answers and the solutions.

We hope piling this up will solve your issues/worries that you may have and help you get more excited about the visit!

We sincerely wish this will help your visit to Japan!

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