Need an English speaking car dealer in Hokkaido? Here it is!

Take One Otaru Facebook Page

Take One is a car dealer from Otaru

You would seldom/never feel you would need a car in cities like Tokyo or Osaka. However, if you live in a rural country in Japan, the story is different.

Especially in Hokkaido where the land is wider than the other provinces and is a very snowy area, owning a car is close to a must.

But for people that have come from overseas, it might be a challenge for you to go through the purchasing process, and unfortunately, these are done in Japanese…

Helping Dragon will be working with a car dealer in Otaru to assist in the language barrier of the people wanting to own a car and the car dealer.

We will be running an English facebook page with Take One to help give you the information you need and will help you with the purchasing process as smooth as possible for you.

No need to worry anymore about what might happen and what to do after purchase.

We wish it wouldn’t happen but if you get into an accident or the car breaks down, maintenance will be all supported.

How this business came about

The idea of this came when the founder of HD Ryu had an Australian friend that wanted to buy a car.

He couldn’t find a good dealer in Niseko, and had to go all the way to the edge of Sapporo to get an English speaking car dealer.

The price and the paperwork process also became a headache for him.

When Ryu also was looking to buy another car and going around many car dealers, he met Take One Otaru.

He really appreciated how well they take care of the cars and the generous support they provide even after purchase.

HD will be helping to bridge the language barrier

One of the big barriers to working in Japan is many of the paperwork is still done in Japanese.

Unfortunately, Japan is still one of the poorest English speaking countries in the world.

By having this car dealer service in Japanese, we hope we can help foreign workers to better access what Hokkaido can offer!

Let us know what you need help on

The car dealer service is very niche, but we will be trying to solve every issue possible that we encounter using the help of internet.

Message Take One Otaru to get a car that suits you

Please give us a free call to let us know if you have any issues living in Japan. Your help might give us good ideas to come up with a good solution to make it easier to live in Japan^ ^

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