August 14, 2020

Life in Otaru during the summer: Hanging out in Kiroro Resort

Happy Friday!

This website will be showing what life is like in Hokkaido throughout the 4 seasons.

Today I want to talk about what summer is like in the area I am: today especially Kiroro.

I really like living in Otaru as it is in between Niseko and Sapporo.

We get a good balance of the city and the countryside.

One really good thing about living in Otaru is that it is less than 30 minutes drive to Kiroro Resort.

Kiroro was developed by Yamaha, and now is owned and expanded by a Thai property company Property Perfect. The brands that run the resort are Sheraton and Marriot Group.

The Premium Season Pass lets you into the facilities all year

One good surprise to note from the resort is the premium season pass.

This pass of course will give you unlimited rides to all the lifts of the resort, but will give you access to the lounge in the base of the first lift, free onsen, access to the gym and the pool, priority parking, etc.

I think this makes it really easy to get around. No paying here and there within the resort and you get the basic service you need within the resort.

The pass costs 80,000 yen, but 70,000 yen if you buy before 15th Dec, which is so much cheaper than in Niseko area.

And the great thing is... Due to higher elevation, the quality of the powder snow is actually more stable than in Niseko.

The premium season pass will give you access to the facilities of the resort for the whole year, so I come here often to refresh myself.

Jump to this page to see more about the premium season pass.

Spacey luxurious hotel

This is the lobby of the Portfolio Tribute Hotel run by the Marriot Brand.

There is a bus service you can reserve that departs from Otaru Chikko Station, an hour and a half train away from Chitose Airport / 40minutes away from Sapporo Station.

In Japan, we seldom get high roof inside a building, so I really like spending time in the sofas in the 2nd floor.

The gym is small but usually it's usually empty so you will most likely have the gym to yourself!

Onsen and massage chairs are also available free, so this is my go-to refresh spot.

I use the power outlet and the table to do some computer work.

Fun summer activities

From July to October, there are fun summer activities available suitable for couples and families.

Click here to see more about the activities.

Collaborations with local businesses

I love how Kiroro Resort collaborates with businesses in Otaru and Yoichi area.

This will be something I will look forward to every year.

There is a cruise lunch in Otaru.

“Day Trip” Otaru Luxury Cruise Plan With Special Lunch

There is a collaboration with an Italian restaurant in Yoichi.

OcciGabi Winery x Kiroro collaboration

Lastly: Stop by for good softcream!

HOPI HILLS is right by the hotel, just 5 minutes drive.

There are ice creams and softcreams within the resort as well, but this is one of my favorite softcream stops in Hokkaido!

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Travel Consulting

Travel Consulting Cover
Looking for a catered travel information on your travel to Japan? In 1 business day, our team will reply to your email. The conversation is continued until the solution you are looking for is met.

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