July 31, 2020

Things good to do in July in Hokkaido

Today is the last day of July!

We will be showing you what was good during the month.

Lake Mashu in the East of Hokkaido

Spending time in the sun

Hokkaido has the shortest summer in Japan( June-August) but the summer tends to be the sunniest in Japan.

My favorite scenery so far is the sea of clouds in Lake Kussharo

The wet monsoon period is late June-mid July in the areas south of Hokkaido, but it still has not ended this year.

The really good thing about Hokkaido is that it does not really have the monsoon.

If you like spending time outdoors, July is the period to come!

Summer Specials: Food

The most popular summer dish is probably uni (sea urchin) from Hokkaido.

From June-August, sea urchin are sold everywhere.

Although I became a huge fan of it when I first ate it at Hokkaido, it might be good to start with a small bit.

Sea Urchin and Butter Soy Sauce Pasta from ISO

ISO, a western style restaurant in Otaru serves uni pasta which is an easier option to try how it tastes like!

Taraba Crab Tomato Pasta in ISO

If you like these, then try going to the market and eating it the Japanese way.

We usually eat uni and crabs with a light soy sauce or ponzu(soy sauce with citrus)


Vegetables are exceptional in Hokkaido, and can be seen in markets.

It is really cheap and tasty!!

You will enjoy how the taste of potatoes, tomatoes, corn and even cabbage taste richer than usual.

Soft Creams/Ice Creams

I personally do not eat ice cream so much, but it is different when it comes to soft creams.

Soft creams are ice creams that have a denser ratio of milk than ice.

The taste is much richer and the texture is liquidy.

These 2 are my favorites.

Strawberry Soft cream from Road Station Toyoura
Chocolate/Milk Mixed Soft Cream from Hopi Hills

I want to add another place and this is gelato.

The good thing about this place is you can enjoy hanging out in the park with a good view of Mt. Yotei

Lake Hill Farm in Toya

Good Summer Views

If you were to come to Niseko area, all the places around Mt Yotei, as well as Lake Toya is really nice!

The vibe is really chill and relaxing.

Sunrise Park in Furano

You can go on a trip to Shakotan area for a nice ocean view.


Where I live is just next to the sea in Otaru, and there are loads of people fishing in the sea.

You can fish mainly small sardines and Hokke fish.


You can climb mountains everywhere in Hokkaido, and Annupuri is one of my favorites.

Not too long, just a 1-2 hour hike is ideal.

You can challenge yourself on going to Yotei, an average of a 6 hour hike for a fabulous view.

I would recommend going to Furano/Biei area as well.

There are a range of mountains in the area, and gives you a different view from what you would get in Niseko area.

Biei is where many Japanese photographers and painters like to stay.

Food is originally very famous, and you will be surprised by how many quality restaurants are in the area.

Walking/staying long term

Finally, just walking around the area is enjoyable.

I have been recognizing that just walking around the neighborhood is fun.

Every week you will see different flowers popping out.

Horomi Toge Park in Sapporo

and I notice that the Hokkaido people really like the summer season as they are much happier.

Summer tends to be much cheaper to stay than in the winter.

Even the Japanese that live in the South come stay long term in the summer season, some with families, friends, and pets.

Families swimming in the Japan Sea, Otaru

if you can work remotely or take a long vacation, coming to enjoy the vast nature in Hokkaido might be a good option for you!

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