Having difficulty getting information about Japan? Here is a solution!

Our team of Helping Dragon(HD) really wants to make Japan an easier place to visit and live for people from overseas.

So we have created a page where you could schedule a video call with us.

Get Help Page of HD

The video call could be any inquiry regarding Japan.

We will have this service free of charge, as it gives us good information of what your needs are.

The questions that you will give us will be edited with an answer as a post, in hopes that it will help the future accessors of the website!

We hope we can give you good answers to help your time in Japan!

Let us know what your difficulty is

We will try to do the best we can to help you with what may be very niche.

For example, we’ve tied up with a car company that we can trust, Take One Otaru.

facebook page of Take One Otaru

This will give assistance in English for you to find a car in Niseko, Otaru and Sapporo area.

In Hokkaido and especially if you are in a rural area like Niseko for example, a car is close to a must-own.

The idea came from one of Ryu (founder of HD)’s Australian friend working in Niseko had a hard time buying a car.

His worst difficulty was none of the car companies spoke English.

So we will be working with Take One Otaru, to help inbound residents to purchase a car more easily.

A difficult experience helped us to create a solution

So our friend actually helped us find an idea to help our future foreign workers in Niseko area.

Take One Otaru will be able to provide the car that you would request and fit your budget the best possible, while HD will help you in the translation you need to purchase the car.

Of course, we will follow up on any help you might need after purchase as well.

Once you buy the car, the value of the car tend to drop drastically in Japan compared to other countries.

So if you could keep the car in good shape, Take One Otaru will be able to help you to buy back your car for a good price!

Message Take One Otaru through their facebook page!

HD will be looking forward to hearing from you!

We are excited to hear your difficulties and questions, and looking forward to finding the solutions to the existing problems!

Schedule a call here
Learn more about the purpose of HD here

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